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Project Description

For this project the task was to develop proposals as a prototype for a blog website to a fictional customer. The blog had to be professional which meant, it had to include some type of business so the customer could earn money from it.

The Blog

As a group we used Design Thinking to come up with a blog prototype. The blog is about Festivals in Denmark. It's divided into 4 categories: Art, Culture, Food and Music.

We managed to create a blog with potential, as there weren't any other blogs in Denmark who only covered this subject. We implemented a shop on the blog as well. The shop would sell products that could relate to the festivals the blog posts were about. The idea was also to make a business deal with festivals, by writing blog posts and linking to their websites, in order to promote their festivals. Then the festivals could pay a fee depending on how much traffic came from the blog to their website.


The prototype was designed using Adobe Experience Design, which is a great tool for sketching out website ideas and wireframes.

My Festival - Blog Prototype - Adobe XD

Blog Prototype