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Project Description

This was the exam project of 2nd semester and it was a group project. TV 2 Regionerne was the main client for this project. The objective was to figure out a way using online platforms to get people aged between 18-25 to vote on the municipal elections.

After field research we concluded that most of these potential voters didn't vote, because they didn't have enough information about the election and the candidates.


Our solution was to make a promoted facebook ad showing a video commercial we made. This facebook post involved a competition with a prize. In order to enter the competition the users would have to watch the video and access our website. On the website we made it possible for the users to look up their local candidates and read some short key points about them. We also received personal videos from the candidates for the young voters which also was displayed on the website.

Feedback and Exam

Luckily we got the chance to present our idea for TV 2. We received feedback from them and they really liked our idea.
The exam was induvidual and I received 10 as a grade.

TV2 Certificate

Video Commercial

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