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Project Description

In this project my group had to come up with an idea/solution for retail stores. We had to choose a specific retail store for our project. The goal was to figure out a way to get customers to meet up at the physical store instead of just buying through the online store.


My group chose to make a Virtual Reality Showroom for IKEA. The concept is that customers can go in to IKEA and see their own home/room through Virtual Reality glasses, and they are able to choose which products they want. This makes it easier for customers to see how the products will suit their home.


In order to demonstrate our concept, we made a concept video of our idea. We were unable to film the video at IKEA, so we filmed the whole thing at the school. The most challanging part was to make the filming sets look like IKEA.

Prototype Test

We made a prototype of our idea by making a 360° video. We tested the video on people using Google Cardboard glasses. The test results were positive, even the product itself didn't actually work because it was only a video demonstrating how the product would work.

Concept Video

IKEA VR - Concept Picture

Concept Picture

Prototype Test - 360° Video