Project Description

This project consists of a video commercial, wordpress website and a facebook page for a fictional company we created.


The video commercial involves a world building of typical awkward waiting room situations. The two characters 'Kenny and Spencer' are waiting in an hairsalon. Their small talk conversation gets silent and awkward.

For the editing we focused a lot on sound design, in order to make it sound like an actual hairsalon even the commercial was filmed inside my apartment. Another thing was the masking of hairsalon posters in the background and the masking of the same person as two different characters.


We created a fictional online booking system for hairsalons in Denmark. The user of this system is able to find, sort and book hairsalons online after his own needs.


There's a facebook page connected to the project. In order to catch the attention of the facebook visitors, we created a animation using Adobe Animate CC. The animation is displayed as a banner on the header section of the page.

Facebook Animation

Video Commercial

Video Masking in Final Cut Pro X

Video masking in Final Cut Pro X